Your Brand Discovery

By Mushaboom Studio

We are Laura Grace Sears (LG) and Katie Lynn Sears (KL). We are twin sisters who run a creative business together. Katie Lynn is a graphic and web designer and Laura Grace, a photographer. Together we’re Mushaboom Studio. Keep reading and discover your brand with us…


  • Hone in on design direction
  • Photography style
  • Color direction
  • Social media & web needs

Take a Minute to Nail Down the Basics

  • What is the name of your business?
  • What is the mission of your business?
  • What is the vision for your business in the future?
  • Who does your business serve?
  • What do you want people to understand when they see your businesses’ visuals?

What Makes You…You?

What Do You Visually Want to Express?

This should be at the core of all of your design choices


It’s Time to Moodboard!

Keep In Mind…

Purpose. This moodboard is a tool to help you hone in on the things that you love and that work for your brand. It can serve as a reference for you to look back on in the future as well as something you can hand o to photographers or designers you collaborate with.

You’re pinning for your business, not yourself. Try to take personal preferences out of the equation and focus on visuals that represent your core values and company style.

Pin things you love. Not things you like or that are kinda cool. Your brand deserves the best!

What to Pin:



*It’s helpful for designers to see font styles, logo styles, colors, and aesthetics you feel work well for your branding.

Put it All Together!

Now that you’ve found some inspiration for your brand, take some time to find trends in your moodboard. Look at colors that appear often and anything that suggests a direction for your overall aesthetic.


Scavenger Hunt

Find 3-6 websites you admire either for content, layout, design, or overall brand. Make note of what you like and dislike. Find 2 Instagram accounts in your industry! Take note of their content, followers, and profile icons! Consider the kind of collateral you would need for your business (i.e. business card, menu, email signature). Find 2-3 examples of collateral that matches your intended aesthetic.


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