The Lola is a Women's Coworking Space and Community in Atlanta. A powerful network of women who intentionally come together to work, connect and collaborate because they want to build the life and career they need to grow, thrive and succeed.

We’re a community of smart-minded women. Curious learners, mentors, skill-sharers, collaborators and cheerleaders. We are multi-generational, work across a variety of industries and come from diverse backgrounds. Together we are making meaningful connections, cultivating lasting relationships. We are redefining success to build the lives we want by writing our stories on our own terms.

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Meet the Founders

Martine Resnick and Eileen Lee

Martine and Eileen came together to build The Lola out of their shared desire to support and empower women. They believe women are vastly underserved and under-supported, yet remain driven, ambitious and hungry to find and re-define their success.

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Create a life and career that's more sustainable and aligned with your values alongside other incredible women who will help you achieve your biggest goals.

We’re building community so you can make meaningful connections and cultivate lasting relationships, no matter what career or life stage you are at. By Connecting with the right people who will both cheer you on and save you time and energy achieving your biggest goals.

What Our Members Say…

The Lola has inspired me to expand my goals and not put a cap on what is possible.

kafi london

It’s a come as you are where you are kind of experience. At 60, I still want to grow.

bari love

The first time I came in, I felt this was a group of womxn I could trust.

Meghan Shakar

women's coworking space and digital community

Meaningful Connections

Events and Programming

Tools and Resources

Mentoring and Accountability

Space to grow and thrive

a coworking space designed for and by women

The Lola is a welcoming third space away from home or the office designed for women by women. It’s a place where you can connect, create and collaborate with other like-valued women.


We’re a community of smart-minded womxn, from a variety of industries and backgrounds. Together we are redefining what success means to us and writing our stories on our own terms.


We are committed to being an intentionally inclusive and anti-racist community. We’re building a network of allies and accomplices joining together to create a safe, supportive, and welcoming space for our professional and personal lives.

Our mission is to bring womxn together as allies and accomplices to tell our stories, raise our voices and dismantle a system that doesn’t serve us.

Join our community

We have coworking space and digital-only memberships

Membership at The Lola gives you access to a diverse, supportive and engaged community of powerful professional womxn both at our Members club and workspace in Atlanta and through our digital platform and app. Members will find a rich slate of content, events and specialized programming. Mentoring and coaching opportunities plus specialist community groups and so much more.

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