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Dayle Bennett Retirement: Celebrating Creativity and Community at The Lola

As we bid a heartfelt happy retirement to our beloved Director of Member Experience, Dayle Bennett, we reflect ...
Andrea Berg Head Shot

Andrea Ward Berg Finding and Inclusive Community

Are you someone that sees the massive problems we face in Atlanta and wants to be a part ...

Diana Murphy Embracing Community and Growth at The Lola

I’ve always had my eye on The Lola. When I was introduced to the community at its beginning, ...

Celebrate Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month with The Lola

Happy Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month! This period is a vibrant celebration of the rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and ...

Amplifying Black Female Leaders: Legacy Leadership’s Community of Practice Highlights

Imagine a space where excellence thrives, driven by the collective wisdom and support of a vibrant community. Infuse ...
Dana Xavier Dojnik named CEO of The Lola

The Lola: An Update from Our Founders

Dear Lola Community – In every business journey, there comes a time when it is right for founders ...

Meet Legacy Leadership Executive: Vanya Francis

Legacy Leadership Executive and Lola Founding Member, Vanya Francis, weaves a unique tapestry of holistic wellness to support ...

Meet Legacy Leadership Executive: Rukia Rogers

Meet Legacy Leadership Executive Rukia Rogers. As an early childhood educator, Rukia not only imparts knowledge but also ...

Meet Legacy Leadership Executive: Oronike Odeleye

Step into the dynamic world of Legacy Leadership Executive Oronike Odeleye, a visionary force in the realm of ...

Meet Legacy Leadership Executive: Naeemah Jade

  Meet Naeemah Jade a Legacy Leadership Executive who has mastered the art of channeling her energy and ...

Allyship At Work: So you Wanna be an Upstander in the Workplace?

ICYMI, we recently hosted an informational session in support of our efforts for intentional inclusion in the workplace. ...

Meet Legacy Leadership Executive: Lita Hooper-Simanga

Lita Hooper-Simanga is one of the Legacy Leadership Executives at the Lola. Working closely with The Lola and ...

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