Build your network and support system so you can grow, create impact and thrive in your life and career with less hustle and more ease.

We’re building community so you can make meaningful connections and cultivate lasting relationships, no matter what career or life stage you are at. Connect with incredible womxn who will both cheer you on and help save you time and energy in achieving your goals.

Membership Options

We have coworking and digital-only memberships

Space Membership

Coworking + Community + Events

$1,815 annually or $165 a month ($1,980 a year) + initiation fee of $250

Digital-Only Membership

Member Platform + Community + Events

$75.99 monthly or $799.99 annually (save 12%)

Business tools and resources

Find the support, tools and resources to take your business and career to the next level.

Membership at The Lola will give you access to a rich slate of digital content, programming, workshops, courses, education and specialist community groups for professional development and business tools for womxn in business in Atlanta and beyond. We offer mentorship and serve as a mastermind group for womxn learning how to succeed and grow in their industries.

We have coworking and digital-only memberships

Join Our Community

Space Membership

At The Lola, we’ve been intentional in designing our space and amenities with womxn in mind.

Space Membership at our 5,000 sqft Members Club in Atlanta’s Historic Old Fourth Ward includes access to in person events, open-plan workspaces, meeting rooms, and Members lounge plus a range of amenities, including our digital platform and members app.

Coworking + Community + Events
$1,815 annually or $165 a month ($1,980 a year) + initiation fee of $250

All Memberships are an annual commitment.

Digital-Only Membership

Digital Membership at The Lola connects you with a diverse and supportive community of powerful professional womxn, our Members are highly engaged and active in the online space. 

Members will find a personalized experience, an engaged community plus a rich slate of curated digital content, on-demand workshops, plus online events.

Member Platform + Community + Events
$75.99 monthly or $799.99 annually (save 12%)

All Memberships are an annual commitment.

Take A Tour

Join us for a tour of our space in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward

Interested in visiting our womxn’s club and workspace in Atlanta’s Historic Old Fourth Ward? Check out our upcoming tours and RSVP.

Don’t see any tours you can make? Reach out to us at and someone from the team will help you out.

*Guests by appointment only.

What Our Members Say

Dorethea Caver

“The Lola is such a great space for connecting, learning, and gathering support from like minded womxn – they’re all badasses.”

From the digital platform to the mini conference series that covers the latest topics that relate to us womxn; this is collaboration. Not to mention the beautiful work space. It’s such a powerful movement and their vision truly aligns with their work. So glad to be part of such an amazing community of womxn.”

Morli Desai

When I walk into The Lola, I feel at home.”

The Lola has been there for me through my transitions as a young professional to a working wife and mother and now to a single mom entrepreneur.  When everything else in life seemed uncertain, this community was my bedrock.”

Kacie Lett Gordon

“The Lola has been a powerful pillar of my career evolution and personal development during my transition to entrepreneurship.”

The space is stunning, the women are inspiring, and the community is worth every last penny. I have most enjoyed the ability to call on a network of diverse, yet similar-valued women who are making their worlds and communities better. I have met my coach, mentors, personal friends and clients through The Lola. For any womxn wanting to build a strong network to help her accomplish everything she wants, especially on the professional front, this is the place to be.”

Tara Ghei

“The Lola is a unique co-working and womxn’s club that has truly been my third space”

I moved to Atlanta from NYC 9 years ago and until I found The Lola, I never really felt “myself” anywhere. The physical space is gorgeous, but only a piece of what makes the Lola so special. It’s the community of womxn who support each other, show up for each other and are invested in each other’s success that is so much of the magic here. Even through the pandemic the community showed up for each other online and in zoom in the most amazing way. From both a professional and personal level the Lola community has been with me through my ups and downs over the past two years. I am so  thankful to have this space and the members as part of my life.”

The Lola Community Is Right For You If...

You’re looking for personal and professional growth

You want to be inspired and supported by other incredible womxn who are walking the path with you. You’re ready to quit overworking and embrace all parts of yourself. You want to be more intentional about how you spend your time and energy to create more freedom, ease, flow and mental clarity for yourself. You need strategies, tools, skills and resources to help you achieve your goals plus access to the right experts for you.

You want to make meaningful connections and cultivate lasting relationships

The Lola womxn are curious learners, mentors, skill sharers, collaborators and cheerleaders who are growing together, ready to help you move you towards goals. Whether it’s a professional win, a big life transition, a low moment or business setback, the Lola community steps up in support and solidarity, we’re in your corner!

You’re called to be an ally and accomplice to the womxn alongside you

The Lola is committed to being an anti-racist community to build a new way forward. We are intentional about creating a safe and inclusive community environment for all Members, our goal is to call each other in to unlearn and better understand the womxn around us so we can support each other in meaningful ways, grow and create impact together.

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