Membership FAQs


The Lola is a womxn’s club, workspace and digital community.

Make high-impact, meaningful connections with ease so you can find the tools, resources and support to grow and thrive in business without the hustle. Womxn’s club, workspace and digital community, founded in Atlanta, available everywhere!

The Lola is located at 621 North Ave NE, Building D, Atlanta, GA 30308 in the Southern Dairies building complex. *Guests by appointment only.

Schedule a tour or contact us here.

We also have a thriving online community with digital-only and Digital-Plus Memberships.

Members can access to the space Monday to Sunday, 7am – 10pm.

*Our space is staffed weekdays only.

Guests may visit the space by appointment only. If you are interesting in taking a tour sign up here or contact us here.

 *We are closed from time to time for national holidays, seasonal celebrations and special events. We will ensure that we give our Members as much notice as possible.

While The Lola is a place you can work from, it’s so much more than a workspace.

The Lola is about community first. A place where you can strengthen your networks and build lasting relationships with like-valued, purpose driven womxn. Womxn who will help you grow, thrive and meet your most important goals, all with less hustle and more ease!

Not only will you find the tools, resources and know how to help you take your business or career to the next level you’ll also find new friends to share a morning coffee or celebrate big wins over cocktails.

Our Members are founders, freelancers and creatives. Corporate womxn, corporate expats from across industries. We are returners, some in our third and fourth careers. We’re connectors, philanthropists, community activists and so much more intentionally building the life and career we need to grow and thrive.

Are you ready to connect with, collaborate with and lift up other awesome womxn so you can grow both personally and professionally? Plus join a movement to create positive impact and sustainable change for all womxn?

Yes? Then this is the community for you!

Members use The Lola in so many different ways!

A place to work. Some use our Members club to co-work with a friend or as a quiet place to get work done, their third space away from home and the office. Members may work from The Lola for just a few hours, or stay all day. Some come two to three times a week, others only one day a month.

A place to connect. Some Members use The Lola as a place to invite clients and business partners, but most are here for the informal networking over coffees and cocktails where they can show up as themselves and connect with other like-valued womxn.

Tools, resources and connections for growth. Both space and digital-only Members get everything they need from our robust Member platform and online community where they can access live and on demand workshops, ask questions, find tools and resources plus make new connections and build relationships from the comfort of their own home.

Events and programming. Our workshops and speaker events are always well attended. We’ve designed The Lola’s programming and content as a 12-month program, each month we focus on a different topic, each one building on the last. We guide our Members through a process of redefining what success means to them so they can focus on getting the tools, resources and connections they need to find their success and create the life and career they dream of.

To grow, create impact and thrive! No matter how Members use The Lola, everyone is here to build the support system they need to grow, create impact and thrive in their lives, careers and businesses.


The Lola continues to be different from other Coworking Communities in a number of key ways.

  • Space designed for and by womxn. It’s a beautiful, welcoming, come as you are space located in the heart of Atlanta. It’s been created with love and care for womxn by womxn offering unique spaces including a mother’s room and a beauty room plus shared workspaces, quiet zones, and areas to store and prepare your own meals. Members have extended-hour access on Weekdays from 7 am to 10 pm and can come and go freely during those hours.
  • Meaningful connections and lasting relationships. No soul-less transactional networking here! The community is designed to help you make meaningful connections and cultivate lasting relationships with like-valued womxn. From the moment you join you are welcomed into the community and provided a variety of ways to meet and connect with other Members. Plus, ongoing community and support groups so you can continue to deepen those connections and find the support you need.
  • Personal and professional growth. Part of our promise is to help you grow both personally and professionally based on your needs. We work with experts and curate our custom daily, weekly and monthly content, events and programs with our community’s needs in mind so you can grow, create impact and thrive in your life and in business with less hustle and more ease.
  • A no-hustle mindset. On that last note, we don’t believe you have to do all the things and drive yourself to burnout to succeed in business. In fact, we reject that idea entirely!
    • We believe the best way to succeed and hit your goals with less stress and in less time is to intentionally build your network with like-valued people, who are facing similar challenges so you can share knowledge, grow and collaborate together. Learn and find support from those who are just one or two steps ahead of you. 
    • Less is more. We approach work from an 80/20 mindset. What are the 20% of your activities that drive 80% of your business results. Focus on those!
    • Body First. We also offer permission and provide support for you to entirely rethink and rebuild the way you work with a human-centered, body-first approach.
  • A diverse group of womxn. Our Members are founders, freelancers and creatives. Corporate womxn, corporate ex-pats from across industries. We are returners, some are in our third and fourth careers. We’re connectors, philanthropists, community activists and so much more… We are bringing together a rich community of womxn from different generations and life stages so we can learn from one another, grow and collaborate together.
  • Intentionally inclusive. One of our core values is to commit to being an anti-racist community to build a new way forward for womxn in business. We are intentionally inclusive and continue to strive to create a community that brings together all female-identifying womxn in a place they can feel safe, seen and heard.

 Over the past three years we’ve continued  to invest in making our community more inclusive. Some of the ways we’ve done that are;

  • Creating C+SJ Partnerships. We’ve partnered with 55 Black Creators and Social Justice leaders for 12 months (and due to the pandemic extended them to 18 months) to support their businesses and invite them into the community.
  • Hiring DEI Experts. We’ve hired DEI expert consultants to work with us in-house our business so we can ensure everything we do is intentionally inclusive. 
  • DEI Events, training and programming. We’ve offered events and programs and training for all Members and brought in and paid DEI expert speakers. We host Seeing Whiteness Circles through our partners The Radical Optimist Collective and Legacy Leadership through SageD Consulting.
  • Accomplices Community Group. We’ve launched our Accomplices community group for ongoing learning, personal growth, support and action in our wider community.

Yes, we want to ensure everyone in our community is clear on and aligned with our Mission and Values.

We invest in our own personal growth: 

  • We challenge, redefine and live into our own version of success.
  • We seek inspiration, tools and knowledge so we can develop our skills and expertise to grow in business and life. 
  • We look to learn from other womxn alongside us. We stay open to new ideas and are willing to change the way we do things.
  • We are actively and intentionally building the support systems we need. 

We connect and foster trust with others: 

  • We actively seek to connect with other womxn and intentionally grow our connections
  • We embrace our differences and seek to better understand them. We respect others’ boundaries. 
  • We assume positive intent in others and own our own mistakes
  • We celebrate our sisters wins and sit with them when they fall

We stay open and let go of fear: 

  • We don’t armor up, we’re honest about how we’re feeling and what we need from our relationships.
  • We reject hustle culture, we don’t encourage or perpetuate it.
  • We embrace who we are and share what we’re about honestly.
  • We reach out and ask for help when we need it. 

We commit to being an anti-racist community:

  • We aim to understand the negative effects the womxn next to us face, individually and collectively, especially womxn who don’t look or sound like us
  • We uncover and address our own conscious and unconscious biases daily
  • We come together to reimagine and design a more equitable workplace so we can build a new way forward that includes all womxn. 

We use womxn (pronounced ‘women’) to be clear in our commitment to inclusivity and intersectionality for all womxn. The Lola is committed to creating a safe and inclusive community environment for all Members and guests free from harassment, intimidation, bullying and discrimination on the basis of sex, race, gender identity and sexual orientation.

Membership at The Lola will give you access to a rich slate of digital content, intentional programs, workshops, courses, mentorship and specialized community groups.

We host events and programs most weeks so there is something for Members regularly join and engage in alongside their fellow Members.

We host social gatherings where Members can connect, curate inspiring speakers and offer workshops to help you focus on your goals, business skills and personal growth to support and enable you to unlock your full potential.

Learn more about The Lola’s Events and Programming

The Lola is a two-story space comprising approximately 5,000 square feet. We also have a small outside space Members can reserve.

No, The Lola is an open, shared work space. There are no private offices or personal desks for individuals to claim, but there are phone booths to take private calls plus quiet spaces for doing deep work.

Our meeting rooms and events spaces are available for events, meetings, off-sites and retreats. Request details and pricing hereMembers receive a discount.

Members also have monthly meeting room credits. Space Membership includes six hours of meeting rooms credits to take a zoom call, meet a client or host a team meeting. Plus four free guest passes per month. Additional hours and passes may be purchased.

We currently offer Space Memberships, Digital-Plus and Digital-only Memberships. See the full line up of Memberships and benefits here.

Our promise at The Lola is to help you strengthen your network and intentionally build the connections, resources and support systems you need to grow, create impact and thrive in your life and in business with less hustle and more ease.

Membership at The Lola will give you access to a rich slate of digital content, programming, workshops, courses, education and specialized community groups for professional development and business tools for womxn in business in Atlanta and beyond. We offer mentorship and serve as a mastermind group for womxn learning how to succeed and grow in their industries. 


Yes, General Membership comes with 6 hours of meeting room credits a month (reservation required, first come first served). 

Members can purchase additional hours as needed.

For non-Members, please request pricing here

No, we do not offer day passes to non-Members. *See our note on Digital-Plus Members below.

The Lola is all about building community first. When you join The Lola we want you to be active and engaged in the community.

We’re not about quick wins. We believe to grow and thrive in your life and career you need to invest in your network, intentionally building your relationships and support system so you can achieve your biggest goals with less hussle and more ease.

All Memberships are an annual commitment. If you don’t want to pay in full right away we do offer monthly and quarterly payment plans.

*Starting in 2023, Digital-Plus Members will have the ability to Purchase individual and packs of day passes (non-transferable).

Yes, General (Space) Members get four free guest passes per months and can invite guests to join them for a meeting or coffee at The Lola. We don’t have a front desk person and Members are 100% responsible for their guests. Guests are by appointment only, they will need to be pre-registered, checked in and accompanied by the Member at all times.

Guests are welcome to stay for scheduled meetings, but not hang out at The Lola all day. Currently events are not open to guests, unless otherwise specified by The Lola.

You may use The Lola as your mailing address. We offer mail services starting at $35 / month for basic deliveries. 

Members may also use the UPS and Fedex kiosks at Southern Dairies for smaller outgoing packages. In building C, there is also a USPS outgoing mail slot open during regular business hours. There is also an Amazon Locker at the Wholefoods across from Ponce City Market.

Your Membership begins when you sign on and make your first payment. All Memberships are annual commitments, your Membership plan will auto renew and charge your card on file.

Do you have maternity leave or another big life event coming up? Please reach out and we’ll work with you to figure out a plan. However, we believe we can be most helpful and supportive during times of transition!

We do charge a fee to pause your membership: $200 (For Up to 2 months) 

To reinstate membership, monthly charge goes up $50/month for remainder of your membership.


Yes, we know how hard it can be to get going in your career on an entry level salary or transition into your encore career and pay for insurance, so we have created a Membership for those who are 25 and under and 65 and over. If you are interested, please contact [email protected].

Yes, we have Digital-only Memberships available. If you want access to space we also have remote discount for General Membership for folks who travel from other cities / over 50 miles into Greater Atlanta area. If you are interested in an out of town Membership please contact [email protected].

Yes, there will be free tea and drip coffee freshly brewed each morning. For “fancy” coffees, Dancing Goats is across the street and Spiller Park is inside Ponce City Market.

We have a limited amount of healthy snacks available for purchase on-site.

Yes, please feel free to bring your own prepared meals to The Lola. …and yes, we love stinky cheese too but please bring your more adventurous lunches in a sealed container. No alcohol purchased outside the premises is allowed. 

Yes. There is an intimate cocktail bar on the main level and a selection of alcoholic drinks which will be available to purchase at Member events. 

We also have a self serve honesty wine fridge, share a beverage at anytime with another Member.

We do not have printing services available but please ask a Community Manager if you are in a bind and we may be able to assist you.

Yes. Members can host small private events for up to 10 people using their 6-hours of meeting room credits per month (additional hours maybe purchased.)

For larger events we have an events space Members can rent, it holds up to 50 people (theatre-style seating). We offer special Member rates that come with a generous discount. 

For Members, non-Members and corporates, please request more details, pricing and our application form here. Please submit your application at least one month in advance of your event date.

Yes, parking is free for General Members at Southern Dairies. Available on a first come basis. All Members must pre-register their car with us.

Guests of Members must pay for parking at the meter. The Lola is not responsible for parking tickets received during your visit.

No, smoking is not permitted at or in proximity to The Lola.

Yes, we do not expect you to only do business with womxn! Male guests are welcome for meetings in a reserved meeting room or to have a drink at our bar. Our expectation is that Members will escort their guests at all times and be mindful and respectful of the safe space we are creating for our Members.

Unfortunately, we do not currently allow any pets, except service animals.

Yes, we have a lactation room with refrigeration and all the fix-ins for nursing mamas.

There are many great businesses within walking distance of The Lola. We will be looking to develop partnerships and Member discounts with several in the coming months. Here are some of the notable amenities:

We have cubbies in the beauty room where Members can leave belongings throughout the day. Members will be responsible for their own belongings but we will strive to ensure that we maintain a responsible and ethical culture. Stealing of any kind will not be tolerated. 

The property owners at Southern Dairies have a security guard on duty during the day 8:30am-4:30pm and a vehicle on patrol throughout the night and weekend. We have an alarm system for the building and security cameras, however, The Lola will not be responsible for valuables left unattended or at the space overnight.

Yes! You can sponsor a Membership for anyone you choose at any time at our General Membership rate. 

Equal Access: Additionally, as part of our commitment to inclusivity, we provide the option for you to sponsor a Membership (or a portion of one) for someone we’ve identified in The Lola community who we believe doesn’t have equal access to financial resources. 

Please reach out to us at [email protected].

You can find all of our pricing and benefits here.

No, you will only have access during Lola hosted social events. As you will not have Kisi door access, a Member of The Lola team will check you in on your arrival.


Yes, in addition to online events and programs, you have access to In-person social events run by The Lola team, such as speaker events or a special happy hour. Currently we run one to two of those per month. 

— for example Happy Hours, Mainstage Speaker Events and in 2024 Digital + Members can join us for Founders & Freelancers along with Wellness Wednesdays, for $10 join us for a morning or lunch wellness session and stay for a 1/2 day.

Yes, in 2024 we are making some updates and Digital + Members have access to the following;

  • Online Peer to Peer Mentoring
  • Online Goals and Accountability Group Sessions
  • Live Virtual Workshops and Programs
  • Library Replays On-demand
  • Founders & Freelancers (One in-person session and 1 online session each month)
  • Wellness Wednesdays for $10 join us for a morning or lunch wellness session and stay for a 1/2 day.

No, but they do get access to Member pricing for room and event rentals. If you are interested you can request pricing and submit your request here

No, unless we have made an in-person Lola led event open to Members + a Guest. We will inform Members via the event page when events are open to guests.

Yes, you can upgrade at anytime. If you would like to downgrade your Membership you may do so once your current annual Membership expires.

Lola Memberships are an annual commitment. If an early cancellation of your membership is needed we ask that Members pay for half of their remaining months (ex: if they have 4 months remaining in their membership, they must pay for 2 months). Memberships can also be gifted to a friend or remaining months can be donated to the Sisterhood Fund.

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