Vision by Design: Values-Driven Goals

Vision by design: values-driven goals with Kafi London

Life is intense at the best of times – then add on a year like 2020…goodness… juggling the daily demands, dilemma’s and deadlines at work and home can be exhausting as we continue to chase success.

We’re pausing to explore our fast-paced, success-chasing, high-demand lives as we reflect on the past year and release the heaviness of what no longer serves us. Before setting the typical traditional results-based goals for the year ahead we’ll examine who we really are, what we value most and what we stand for. Then use this as your platform, we’ll create value-aligned goals and accountability strategies that will help boost your mind, mood and motivation for the coming year and beyond.

In order for me to want something different for myself, I have to do something different
— Kafi London

Releasing exercise

Write down on a blank piece of paper everything that we need to release from 2020. Just be honest with yourself, write it all down – words, things, names, etc

If you want to get bold with it – burn that paper! Or flush it down the toilet, just find a way to get rid of it and create a divide between you and those things

Download Workbook here:

Vision by Design Workbook

Determine your values

Follow these steps below, this exercise can be done alone or with a partner/small group.

Go to page five of the workbook

Part 1: If you were at the end of your life, what would you regret you didn’t do more of. Circle the words on the page that stand out most to you, spend two minutes.

Part 2: Now narrow it down to your top five and write them on page six. Expand on each with motion, for example, if the word is “fun,” your line can be “have more fun.”

Dream big

Now you know who you are and who you want to be, so now let’s look at the next 12 months. Pretend it’s a year from now, and now we’re having this conversation in 2022 reflecting back on what happened in the last year, and draw it out on page seven. Yes, draw! Don’t just write it… it’s okay if you can’t draw well!

Let go of expectations

  • Be adventurous
  • Connect with your values
  • Step into your dream and imagine the impossible
  • Reframe blocks into gifts or opportunities

Set outcomes

Setting outcomes for the next 90 days. What are the top three outcomes (or goals) do you want to focus on over the next 90 days that relate to your bigger picture and your values that we went over previously? Write them down on page eight.

Some buckets your goals might fall under:

  • Personal life & Family
  • Work, studies & professional
  • Belongings & environment
  • Relaxation, hobbies and creativity
  • Friends & community
  • Health and fitness
  • Emotional /spiritual
  • Finances
  • Bucket list

Take Action

You have your big goal for the next 90 days, but it might still feel overwhelming. What if you could make it fun? What if you made it a game? Take each one of the goals and write down or talk through with a partner – “what activity could you do to make it fun?”

Now that we know it can be fun, what are the teeniest steps you can take to achieve this goal (can just be the first step, just a very small step)

Enlist help

What are you willing to give and receive in return for what you want? Write down;

  • How will you need to show up?
  • Who will you serve?
  • What help will you need from others?

Final Reflection

Come up with a theme word that captures what you’re working towards

  • My word (theme) for the year ahead is…
  • The next 90 days will be a season of…
  • I choose to make the journey fun by…


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