Shari Herzberg wants to help reduce the stress associated with divorce and all of the changes that come along with that.

Shari Herzberg wants to help reduce the stress associated with divorce and all of the changes that come along with that.

After going through a divorce and the stresses that come along with that, The Lola member, Shari Herzberg wanted to create a space that would support and help people going through divorce. Shari aims to reduce the stress and anxieties associated with the divorce process by helping them figure out what life looks like after experiencing such a major life change. In her personal time Shari enjoys getting in a good bootcamp workout, walking her dog along the Chattahoochee and cooking and exploring new dishes with her daughter, When she has the chance she loves skiing out west and hanging at the beach.


Shari Herzberg

Location: Atlanta, GA

Age: 53 years

What I do: Founder of Post Divorce Force


Briefly describe who you are, what you do for work and for fun

I am a pragmatic problem solver and sensible fixer. People have described me as methodical in that I do things very thoughtfully, thoroughly, and in order. I am the consummate researcher going deep and/or wide to find people, places and things of any kind.

As the founder of Post Force Divorce, I help men and women restructure and restart their daily lives after a divorce. I help clients navigate aspects of their lives most impacted by divorce including — their homes, personal finance, digital footprints and sharing and managing the care and needs of their children. My job focuses on reducing my clients stress so they regain precious time and energy to focus on their careers, health and emotional wellness, children and family.

Share your career story with us including anyone who inspired you along the way

Throughout my career, I’ve mostly worked for entrepreneurs. Their transparent vision and passion have been inspiring and influential until this day. I am especially grateful for the opportunity to have been exposed to so many aspects of a business, not just my specific role.

What does success look like to you and how are you breaking conventional ways of managing your work and your life?

Early in my career, success was measured by how hard I was working, my title, income and how sexy my clients sounded. It all looked great on paper but I didn’t give enough consideration to fulfillment and balance.

I took time off from my professional life to raise a daughter and it’s been family life first for 15 years. I have re-entered the workforce as an entrepreneur, building a new business around a service that has not existed. It’s been exciting creating a new category of personal service supporting newly divorced individuals. I feel successful when I leave my clients in a better place than when they started with me.

What change would you like to see in the world and how are you making your own mark?

The COVID-19 pandemic has most definitely exposed the need for our society to care for people’s mental health in parallel with their physical health. Taking a holistic view of a person’s health is critical to ensuring overall health and wellbeing. Mental health challenges need to be destigmatized, openly accepted and supported at home, work and school.

As a board of Odyssey Family Counseling which strives to make quality comprehensive behavioral health services accessible to individuals and families, regardless of financial circumstances, I am helping behavior health specialists move this needle. Odyssey offers programs that meet people where they are, serving a wide range of people and populations in the College Park area of Atlanta. They have programs in place to take their behavioral health services to their clients such as working with kids while attending school. Through Odyssey I collaborate with other board members to ensure resources and funding are available for the organization to fulfil its mission every day.

Do you think it’s important for us to come together and collectively affect change in our own lives and the wider community? If so, why and how have you seen that be effective?

Change happens when education, collaboration, focus and funding come together with energy, passion and determination. I have witnessed this firsthand with my involvement with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Through participation in numerous JDRF events, I have supported direct funding for research and advocacy initiatives that have significantly improved the lives of millions of people living with Type 1 diabetes. I have had the opportunity to witness the impact of these medical advances firsthand through the lives of close family friends.

What or who inspires you? Do you have any role models who you aspire you? Can you name someone who is rejecting traditional definitions of success and how you have to achieve it and also someone who is helping others and making a difference in their own communities?

My father and his professional journey is a constant source of inspiration. He was an immigrant who came to America from Poland by way of Siberia, Israel, and Montreal. Like many immigrants, he came to this country with very little but with a very strong work ethic and vision to make his and his children’s lives better, safer, and more secure. He was also passionate about education, stating frequently that education was something that could never be taken away from you.


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