The power of why. Discovering and defining our Values

Discovering and defining our values with Tallia Deljou

Who are you? How do you define your identity? How do you perceive yourself? Often, we limit our sense of self by the titles and roles we hold, losing sight of the bigger WHY, the north star, that guides who we are becoming. Work through these steps to become CLEAR on who you are, WHY you are, and what drives you and leave with a defined personal philosophy.

Identity reflection exercise

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and answer this question. Think back to a time when you have felt the most like yourself in the past year. Think back further if you need to.

What if the only thing I need to be or get to be is who I am? How do we find a stronger sense of groundedness in who we are?  How do we see who, why, and how we are from a place of wonder and curiosity and not judgement?

These reflections are designed to help us to better understand our identities

“You can’t be anything you want to be, but you can be a whole lot more of who you already are ”

— Tallia Deljou

What is identity?

Identity is constructed by what we do, roles we fill. It contributes to the meaning we attach to life. it’s complex, dynamic, evolving.

There are roughly four types of identity;

  1. Social: lack personal relevance, tell us what one does but not about who we are
  2. Personal: shaped by values and experiences
  3. Multiple: shaped by the different parts and pieces of who we are and how they shape us
  4. Integrated: seeing ourselves as whole and complete – looking at the bigger picture sense of self that doesn’t feel constricted or limited

“Knowing our identities lays the ground for our way of being in the world, and in turn, the values that drive us ”

— Tallia Deljou

Who are you?

  1. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and draw a line down the center of your paper.
    In the left-hand column write “I am…” and a list of 10 adjectives that describe you

    • I am loyal
    • I am creative
    • I am adventurous
    • etc…

    In the right-hand column write “I am a…” and a list of 10 nouns that describe you

    • I am a womxn
    • I am an accountant
    • I am a warrior!
    • etc…
  2. Cut down your list to three for each
  3. Pick your top two that most clearly define who you are and feel most authentic to you. For example;
    • Energized Firestarter
    • Industrious Womxn
    • Creative Maker
    • Grateful Do-er
    • Thoughtful Caretaker
    • Growing Leader
    • Productive Learner
    • Creative Womxn
    • Loving Aunt
    • Purposeful Womxn

1-2-3 → 1 Your Adjective, 2 Your Noun, 3 Your Personal Philosophy

This exercise is a way of finding your way of being in the world. Your purpose

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