Dayle Bennett Retirement: Celebrating Creativity and Community at The Lola

As we bid a heartfelt happy retirement to our beloved Director of Member Experience, Dayle Bennett, we reflect on the immense impact she has made at The Lola since 2020. Dayle’s journey with us has been marked by her unwavering dedication, boundless creativity, and a genuine passion for helping our Membership thrive.

From the moment Dayle joined The Lola, she has been a guiding force, training over 50 Community Managers with her expertise and compassion. Her influence has shaped the ways we connect, support, and uplift one another, fostering an environment where every Member feels valued and empowered. Dayle’s commitment to our community is evident in the 15 CommuniTEAs she has hosted, creating spaces for meaningful conversations and connections that have strengthened our bonds.

Dayle’s creative spirit has been a beacon of inspiration for us all. Leading several creative workshops, she has encouraged us to tap into our own creativity, opening up new possibilities and unexplored creative talents. For Dayle, creativity is not just an art form; it is a bridge that connects us, fostering deeper understanding and collaboration. Her belief that “we are our most happy selves when work is more like a community” resonates deeply with our core values at The Lola.


Dayle Bennett is a joyous soul with a creative mind. At The Lola, we love to say she is “sunshine” because of her energy and welcoming aura to anyone who may encounter her. As a working professional for 30+ years, Dayle is a star working for Good Places and The Lola simultaneously. As Dayle moves onto the next phase in her career, she is looking to strengthen and really lean into her business No. 4 Design Studio. As a team and community we are grateful for her work  and reflect on the joy, creativity, and inspiration she has sprinkled throughout The Lola.

Dayle Bennett: A Creative Soul

“My name is Dayle Bennett. Dayle with a Y,  I describe myself as a creative soul. I help people get inspired and just sprinkle my little joy all around.”

Dayle’s passion for creativity is evident in every facet of her life. She thrives on helping others solve problems creatively, whether it’s at home, at work, or even in their minds. Her approach is always innovative, focusing on creative problem-solving to tackle everyday challenges.

A Lifelong Journey of Creativity

Dayle’s journey as a creative soul started early. “I’ve always been a creative person,” she recalls. “I was that kid who always wanted to color with lots of colors, always putting my room together, always making something out of anything I saw around.”

Her innate creativity has been a guiding force throughout her life, allowing her to transform mundane tasks into extraordinary experiences. Dayle’s ability to tap into her creative potential and help others do the same has been a cornerstone of her work at The Lola.

Dayle with The Lola and Darwin Atlanta Team spreading sunshine

Dayle’s Power of Tears and Tender Moments

One of the most touching aspects of Dayle’s personality is her openness about her emotions. “I cry every single day,” she admits. “Happy or sad, it’s my cleansing. It’s my superpower, and I’ve learned to embrace it.”  Dayle’s ability to embrace her emotions and see them as a strength rather than a weakness is truly inspiring. She believes that allowing herself to feel deeply and express those feelings openly is a form of self-care and emotional release. At The Lola, she shares this sentiment amongst anyone who needs it. We are a community who lets women feel what they need to feel with no shame or regret. Dayle is a driving force to this philosophy in our community. Whenever a hug is needed, a wake up call or just a quick cry sesh Dayle is ready with whatever you need to recover or save the day.

Spreading Sunshine Through Podcasts

Dayle’s creativity and passion for storytelling led her to start a podcast, a platform where she shares her “sunshine moments” and interviews others about theirs. “A lot of people call me sunshine,” she explains. “The podcast became an opportunity for me to actually interview people and talk about why they are sunshine, sharing real conversations about our journeys.”

For Dayle, the podcast is more than just a project; it’s a way to connect with others and spread positivity. “I don’t necessarily have to inspire you in person. I can do this through the podcast. You can listen and have a great day because you just got yourself a dose of sunshine.” Dayle’s Podcast Launch Party was hosted at The Lola in June 2023, since then she has had a successful season with a five star rating for her podcast Between The Sunshine.

The Art of Journaling and Teaching

During the pandemic, Dayle found herself, an extrovert, suddenly unable to hug anyone or interact with people daily, which was a significant change for her. With all her art supplies at her disposal, she started taking numerous free journaling classes online. She noticed the positive reactions from folks when she posted her work and was encouraged to start teaching online. In June 2021, Dayle hosted a journaling class for Lola members, emphasizing that there is no right or wrong way to journal; it can be whatever you want it to be. Organize the way that you journal to fit with your schedule and make it enjoyable for you. Additionally, she led an introductory journaling session during Crafts and Cocktails in October 2023. Every time someone completes a class or session, they feel renewed. Meeting people where they are, regardless of their skill level, allows Dayle to guide them in finding joy and purpose in journaling.

“Journaling is like a light scraping of therapy that I think we all need,” Dayle explains. “Every time someone finishes a session, they feel renewed. If I can give someone that experience through journaling, I’m here for it.”

Dayle leading a creative CommuniTEA session

Dayle’s Legacy: Tapping into Creativity

One of Dayle’s greatest gifts is her ability to help others tap into their own creativity. “Everyone is creative,” she insists. “It’s my job to help you see that. Whether it’s through the way you doodle, the way you speak, or how you approach tasks, there’s always a creative way to do things.”

Dayle’s approach to creativity is about more than just making things look good; it’s about creating experiences. “You’re creating an experience,” she emphasizes. “That’s the key.”


As Dayle transitions to the next chapter of her life, we at The Lola are incredibly grateful for the light and creativity she has brought to our community. Her legacy of spreading sunshine, fostering creativity, and embracing authenticity will continue to inspire us all.

Thank you, Dayle, for being our sunshine and for helping us see the world through a more vibrant and creative lens. Her journey of spreading joy and inspiration is far from over and we will see Dayle as a lifetime member in our community.


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