MORE in '24 - Intentional Indulgence Box from The Lola

brought to you by The Lola in partnership with WEI – The city of Atlanta’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative

 Sponsored by The Platinum Wealth Management of Buckhead

All gift items selected by June Dragonfly Curated Gifts

10% of proceeds will go to The Lola Sisterhood Fund

Gifts for every womxn. Made by BIPOC womxn.

MORE in '24 - Intentional Indulgence Box

Indulgence in a Box!

The MORE in ’24 – Intentional Indulgence Box from The Lola includes 8 products curated by @June Dragonfly. These handpicked treasures are crafted with passion and dedication all by women from WEI and The Lola communities.

Each item is a testament to their creativity, resilience, and unique contributions to our communities.

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10% of your Purchase goes directly to The Lola Sisterhood Fund

You are not just giving to BIPOC women owned businesses, 10% of your purchase will directly go towards empowering 15 women from our community with essential resources, life-changing opportunities and membership, reinforcing the bonds that hold our community together.

The Lola + WEI: Powerful in Purpose

Our mission is to bring women together as allies and accomplices to tell our stories, raise our voices and dismantle a system that doesn’t serve us. The Lola is a women-owned business committed to intentional inclusivity and creating a positive work environment for all women.

WEI serves to provide unprecedented access to the human, educational and financial capital critical to empowering early-stage company-building entrepreneurs, who just happen to be women. While we recognize and diligently work to revolutionize the economic and social inequities faced by women business owners, we also stand firm in our belief that being a woman and an entrepreneur can mutually coexist, and marginalization’s based on gender must be minimized, in order for talent to be maximized.

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