Why do womxn make better partners in business?

Why do womxn make better partners in business?

It’s widely accepted that collaboration, teamwork and cooperation are key factors to success in business; particularly in business partnerships, in fact womxn who support womxn are more successful and collaboration helps female business owners succeed.

Many women who go through business together manage to work things out during the life of their partnership with open communication. They seem to deal with issues as they arise and solve them along the way. – Darleen Barton

Five key reasons why womxn achieve better success when doing business together:

  1. Womxn are more willing to discuss the issues: It does depend on the environment and culture, but in general, womxn tend to discuss issues earlier. Face the small issues early and often to stop them from becoming big ones.
  2. Womxn tend to be more emotionally open: Venting, opening up and being emotional about things ensures things are brought into the open, addressed and solved. Doing it openly also shows your team that you’re open to discussing their feelings and providing support.
  3. Womxn are typically more open to compromise: Negotiation and tackling conflict is more successful when you are flexible and open to differing opinions, perspectives and options, then you can use that time to drive the business forward.
  4. They know it’s about more than just the work: Womxn often value and focus on the relationship as much as the work. By supporting successful relationships between partners, colleagues, employees and contacts – a business is more likely to be up with current markets and trends, and with a more positive environment, teams are more likely to be driven to not only go to work, but to work hard.
  5. Egos and pride tend to be less of an issue: Men are typically under pressure to be masculine, powerful and successful, while womxn have the opposite problem, not being seen as powerful. This does however lead to womxn not holding their pride above their goals and would rather discuss issues and solve them, than let them simmer due to their pride or ego.


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