Our Values

The Lola is a community of diverse and dynamic individuals – unique women joining together to create a safe, supportive, and welcoming space for our professional and personal lives.

To build and maintain a consistent and cohesive community culture, we rely on shared values and behaviors to help guide our interactions with each other and within our space. When joining The Lola, we commit to respecting and practicing these values every day.


We embrace our personal power and opportunities to grow

  • We invest in our personal growth.
  • We challenge and redefine what success means for ourselves.
  • We share our stories honestly and often.

We practice and encourage radical vulnerability

  • We’re aware of our emotions, fears, and feelings and are willing to attend to them.
  • We don’t armor up. We open our hearts and minds to allow others to do so the same.
  • We stay away from blaming, shaming, cynicism, perfectionism and emotional stoicism.

We foster trust and raise each other up

  • We assume people have positive intent. We hold ourselves accountable for the impact of our actions and words. We own our mistakes. 
  • We embrace differences and seek to better understand them. We respect each other’s boundaries and when we’re not clear, we ask.
  • We celebrate each other’s successes and sit with each other in failure.

We commit to being an anti-racist community to build a new way forward

  • We actively work to lessen the negative effects of as many oppressive ideologies as possible – this is done through a commitment of learning and unlearning both individually and collectively.
  • We push and challenge our own assumptions, roles and behaviors.
  • We come together to reimagine, design and build a better culture and system that serves all women.

By uplifting the most underserved and under-supported in our community, we will all benefit.

The Lola Team

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