Unlocking Your Wise-Mind Mantra: Mastering the Art of Saying ‘No’ to the Daily Grind

It is time to master the art of saying “no” to the daily routine and truly commit to it. This involves utilizing effective techniques to make both major and minor decisions using your rational Wise-Mind instead of relying on your habitual Grind-Mind thinking. We will establish a personal mantra to determine whether to proceed or abstain, focus on achieving clarity as a reference point, and develop innovative ways to delegate responsibilities, even when working alone. Follow along as Ariana Thomas Shows us the ropes and makes us create our Wise-Mind Mantras.

Let’s Start off by asking ourselves these questions:

What do you want to do more of, what do you want to do less off?
What are you about outside of work, what other interests do you have, whats most important to you?

Learn the Difference between Grind-Mind vs. Wise-Mind

What is you Grind Mind?


This voice in your head says ….If I don’t do XYZ then….

  • I’ll believe I’m not doing enough
  • I’ll lose this or that client
  • I’ll lose that new business opportunity
  • I’ll won’t achieve my goals
  • If I don’t post consistently on social media, my engagement won’t garner high paying partnerships
Try this Exercise:


So we have established what Grind Mind is… What is your Wise-Mind?




The Wise-Mind is informed by two different places:

  • Logical: Facts + Data
  • Emotional side: You and your body. Past emotional evidence about this experience how its felt in the past and how it feels now

“In order for me to speak with my Wise-Mind I need to feel it in my chest.  I take a deep breath, and if I feel centered, then I know I’m in a good place to make a good choice.” – Ariana Thomas

As womxn in business we’re often operating from a Grind-Mind as that’s what’s usually celebrated. In reality, a Wise-Mind is what is necessary in order to allow yourself to make a rational decision and help you avoid overcommitting yourself!

The Wise-Mind can:

  • Allow you to take a break
  • Walk away from a stressful conversation and coe back to it
  • Take a deep breath
  • Eat a healthy lunch
  • Go for a walk

Don’t get it confused though! The Wise-Mind is not solely operating on rest. As a whole, the Wise-Mind allows you to delegate and open up more opportunity to leverage and rethink how yo do certain things. With your Wise-Mind you can learn to work smarter not harder and save yourself some frustration; even if its something as simple as allowing yourself to walk away from something for a few minutes and come back to it with a fresh mind, it works!

Try this exercise: 


Now, Think about your Wise-Mind Mantra


Ask yourself, does this task / project / thing help be get to where I said I wanted to go? Or does it go against my values, and who I said I want to be?

Write your Wise-Mind Mantra.

Use the below prompts and write something that feels special to you…

Put it all together…


Put it all into practice! Now it is Time to Delegate!



“When clients come to us we often think we need to take their WHOLE problem on. In reality, we may only be set up / best suited to take on part of their problem.” – Ariana Thomas

Now that you have created your Wise-Mind Mantra, it’s time to practice. Try to incorporate it into your routines and day to day decision making. It doesn’t always have to be about the Grind. It’s about knowing what you are capable of handling and delegating what you can and would love to take on in order to feel a fulfilling and joyful professional and personal life!


About Ariana Thomas

Ariana Thomas leads with the heart of an activist, mind of a strategist, and eye of a creative. She has a passion for supporting causes that bring a legacy of positive change. You can find Ariana at the intersection of poetry and digital marketing, holding space for underrepresented narratives to take the mic. Ariana is the CEO + Chief Creative Strategist at Flylight Creative, a digital marketing agency specializing in education, nonprofit and social enterprise.


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