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Find Your Third Space.

We know life, especially life in the workplace, isn’t always a summer’s day picnic. We all need a solid support system and an incredible network in order to help us better thrive. We all need a space away from home and the office to work, socialize and build meaningful connections in real life.

Strengthen Your Network.

Make high-impact, meaningful connections with purpose-driven womxn so you can find the tools, resources and support to grow and thrive in business with less hustle and more ease. Womxn’s club, workspace and digital community.

Build Your Support System.

Get the support you need from like-valued, purpose-driven women who are reframing what success means to them. A place where you can show up as yourself and connect with a powerful community that will help you achieve your biggest goals.

Free Ebook: How to build high quality connections to grow in business

Build the connections you need in a way that feels right to you (no soul crushing networking practices here), so you can grow and thrive personally and professionally with more grace and ease and get the support you need most.

  • 10 powerful reasons to start building your network with intention
  • Why you should avoid "networking" and focus on building relationships
  • How to show up in your business relationships and create new connections
  • How to offer and ask for help to deepen your connections

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