This business owner is embracing the slow down and setting intentions for the future.


Valerie Crisostomo has long been a friend of The Lola. Back in the early days when we prototyped our concept at Hotel Clermont Valerie and the team were amazingly supportive in helping us get our business off the ground. We couldn’t be more grateful. Through her business, One Soul Events, Valerie keeps The Lola looking beautiful with fresh flower arrangements weekly. We checked in to see how she was doing during this slow down and to find out what’s keeping her going.

What has your overall experience of COVID-19 been like and what has stood out the most?

My overall experience with COVID -19 has been a rather positive one. This has been a slow down like I have never seen before and each week has presented periods of rest that I’ve neglected to take in the past, but that I know I have needed.

What have been the hardest parts?

The hardest part of the quarantine is staying motivated as this new pace sets in. I work diligently each day, but I make sure to check-in with myself to see what I need at the moment so that I can stay focused and stay true to what’s going on right in front of me. This is an uncertain time and not knowing when COVID-19 will end, sometimes keeps me up at night.

What have been some inspiring moments?

The quiet times have been the most inspiring. They have allowed me to reflect on how I’ve done things in the past and how I want to move forward. Big hint: I’ll be moving more intentionally and with an even pace looking ahead.

What habit, practice, goal, or mindset are you trying to embrace in this particular moment?

In this particular moment, I am embracing the unforced rhythms that life presents each day. I am a planner by nature, so sitting still and focusing on the moment at hand is my biggest goal right now.

What has impacted your business the most and how have you had to pivot or even innovate?

We are in the middle of the wedding season and I have seen how COVID-19 has shaken up the industry in its entirety. The major shift has been from planning initial events to rescheduling them and putting contingency plans in place.

What have you learned about yourself?

I have learned that sometimes I abandon myself emotionally for the good of others. I am shifting my mindset to acknowledge what I need FIRST, before jumping to others’ right away.






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