The change to cyclical living so you can grow and thrive in business and in life

The Change to Cyclical Living with Carrie McKinnon

I know what you’re thinking…what the heck is cyclical living?

Cyclical living is a way for women to empower themselves by living their lives in alignment with their menstrual cycle. This new (ancient) way of living works with your natural rhythms allowing you to better understand your own inner seasons. When we base our lives around our natural rhythms, magic can happen!


If you tune in and align with your natural rhythms you can unlock your true potential, and reclaim your natural powers as a woman. Discover the hidden powers within your own cycle and how it can illuminate your life, work, and relationships.

Journaling Question: What is your relationship to your cycle?

  • How do you feel about it? Do you connect with it? How does it affect your mood?
  • The world runs on a 24-hour masculine timeline
  • Biologically women are on 28-day cycle – tracking your cycle can help support your natural rhythms rather than against them.

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Society has us running on a very masculine timeline

Currently, our society has us running on a very masculine timeline. As womxn, we’re biologically on a 28-day cycle that conflicts with the current masculine approach to timelines.

women operate biologically on a 28-day cycle, not a 24-hour cycle

As such, we’ve been expected to show up in a very similar way all the time despite the ebbs and flows of our natural rhythm. But our hormones work us in a very different way and it changes the way we experience life and our ability to show up both personally and professionally.

  • How are we expected to show up
  • What we have internalized – we often berate ourselves because of our mood fluctuations – “Why can’t I be consistent? Do I have a mental illness?”
  • Why women are different – we’re bio-divergent

Our bodies are not currently in alignment or honored in this society which is why cyclical living is so important!

Cyclical Living to help women grow in life and business

  • Based on our menstrual cycle
  • Present at our life initiations
  • Honors our inner seasons

The more we fight against it, the more out of alignment we become with ourselves.

The Initiations: points where we may be called to cyclical living

  • A book, a friend, a deeper calling to have a relationship with your cycle
  • Many women are seeking out this knowledge at times of intense transitions in their lives. They tend to mark times of rebirth and regrowth.
  • Menarch: when we begin to bleed – incredibly powerful during this time.
  • We’re taught to have this in secrecy and only see their cycles as their period instead of their natural ebb and flow.
Example Initiation Points include Birth, First Period, Menopause, Motherhood.


Journaling Question: Can you recall a major life moment where your cycle was very present with you?

For many people who bleed, it’s common to find major events or periods in their lives where their cycle was a big part of how they conducted their day-to-day.

The inner seasons built into your cycle


    • When your period starts; a void experience – free from your own self-judgment on how you can show up.
    • From the last day bleed to just before ovulation (Carrie’s favorite season!) energy of curiosity, rebirth, new classes, whatever excites you.
    • Not about execution, more focused on planning
    • When ovulation begins
    • The big party! This is where our energy is at its peak. Be outgoing, schedule speaking engagements, big events, public appearances, gatherings, etc. You can be incredibly dynamic during this time!
  • This is when you can experience “PMS”
  • Think of down-switching gears on a stick shift
  • My inner authority serves us very well; we can be discerning
  • The inner critic can show up here
  • Good time to experience spiritual experiences; you can tap into magic here.
  • It’s also a great time to tie up loose ends or execute projects.

Cycle journaling question: In which season do you feel the most at home?

Lunar cycles: These follow a similar pattern to the women’s menstrual cycles.

  • A cycle to follow if you’re not bleeding
  • An energy to be aware of throughout your cycle
  • Mirrors with the menstrual cycle
  • New Moon: Inner Winter (bleeding time)
  • Waxing to Full Moon: Inner Spring
  • Waning Moon: Inner Fall
  • Full Moon: Inner Winter

Cycle tracking tools and apps:

  • There’s an app for that! Including MyFlo, Kindara, Glow, or Clue
  • Digital Art
  • Journaling
    • How’s your mood? What foods are you craving? What activities are you wanting to do? What are you desiring?

Making the Change to Cyclical living:

  • Track your cycle
  • Listen to your body
  • Make space for yourself
  • Practice self-care

Carrie’s title is intentional Mentrstuality Mentor is important because there’s an inherent meaning of sharing your own experience to help them encounter theirs. This is an important step to self-discovery!


Living more in Alignment with your body and your business:

  • Schedule – track your cycles and plan your calendars accordingly. Don’t let your summer season dictate your winter calendar!
  • Permission – allow yourself to live your life while being mindful of your inner cycles. You can harness the energy of each cycle and let it serve you.
  • Space – give yourself the space to grow and learn in your cycle and to understand how your cycle can empower you.

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Carrie McKinnon is a Menstruality Mentor and the Chief Executive Menstruator of 28ish. Her professional experience in the education sector extends from the United States to Europe and Africa. Carrie is committed to providing significant support and facilitating change for the individuals, communities, and organizations she works within the areas of menstruality, mindfulness, and language coaching. In her own life and business, Carrie sees menstrual cycle awareness as the ultimate form of self-care.

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