Sinoun Chea found freedom in being an entrepreneur and has made it her life mission to help other small businesses thrive.

Member of The Lola, Sinoun Chea, decided a long time ago that she did not want to work for “the man”. She set out on her entrepreneurial journey and has created her own business ShiftWeb. For her, life design has manifested in both her career choices and the impact of said career. She has found freedom in being an entrepreneur, and when she isn’t working on growing her business you can find her outside doing something fun!


Sinoun Chea

Age: 38 years

Location: Atlanta, GA

What I do: Creator of ShiftWeb


I’m a multipotentialite and the founder of a web design and SEO company to help small businesses Do Better Online™.

I’m a multipotentialite, entrepreneur, artist, and INFJ-A. I created ShiftWeb, a web design and SEO company with the mission to help small businesses Do Better Online™. I love immersing myself in many things like being outside, reading, riding my bike, sleeping and dreaming, writing, picnicking, laughing, and connecting with myself and others on a deeper level.

I became an entrepreneur because I envisioned myself being wealthy and creating a life of freedom.

I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2011. I was young and didn’t really know what I was doing, but I knew for sure that I did not want to work for “the man”. I had too many ideas and opinions so it was inevitable that I ventured on my own. I also didn’t like the monetary limitations that came with working for others – I envisioned myself being wealthy and creating a life of freedom.

I’ve had many ups and downs since I started my company. Sometimes I’m proud of my growth, other times I feel like a total amateur.

Remembering that each of our stories is unique is what keeps me going.

I celebrated my 10-year anniversary in February 2021. I feel as if I had many transformations and major growth in a decade, but at the same time, I feel as if I’m just getting started and that the time really flew by! I don’t doubt that the next 10 years will probably feel the same.

I’m building a team so I can create a company that can run well on its own so I can do more of what I love.

I am currently working on building a team that can support me while I work on growing the business and executing my vision for the company.

Once I create a company that can run well on its own, my next chapter will be continuing to do what I love, which is creating and learning. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Coaching
  • Dream Tending
  • Writing a book
  • Starting more businesses and organizations

Trust in people is really important to me.

What I need most is a badass team that I can trust and rely on. I am working on building this team!

I want my business to reflect more of who I am.

In 2020, I had a revelation that I needed to (slightly) rebrand and completely revamp my website from the ground up. I had a realization that I wasn’t proud of my brand’s lack of direction. I had been so focused on trying to cater to everyone. I didn’t have a “why” and felt as if I had become a generic web design company.

This meant creating a new mission statement, redoing all of the copy on my site, and redesigning my site and brand.

It was a huge undertaking, but it was so worth all the hard work. I can now say that I am proud of my brand, which is something I never really felt in the decade I’ve been in business!

I’m not sure if the pandemic completely inspired the change, but it definitely did add fuel to the fire. It forced me to reflect and it inspired me to focus more on what was important: authenticity.

It’s all about work-life integration for me. I’m creating a life of freedom.

I want all the important aspects of my life to coexist in harmony. I believe that I do a pretty good job at this because, for many years, I’ve been working on practicing and making the habit of listening to what I need and desire. If I feel like taking a break and going for a walk in the park, then I do it. If I want to spend more time with my family and friends, then I just do it. If I want to take a vacation, then I make sure it happens.

I have control over my schedule and how I integrate work, health, family, friends, hobbies, play, etc. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to design my best life!

I sometimes struggle with leveraging and time management.

I’m currently in a big transition and transformation, but then again… when am I not? With that said, I sometimes struggle with leveraging and time management. It’s hard to keep up with myself sometimes!


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