Meet Legacy Leadership Executive: Naeemah Jade


Meet Naeemah Jade a Legacy Leadership Executive who has mastered the art of channeling her energy and being a guiding light for countless individuals seeking transformation and self-discovery. Naaemah’s influence goes far beyond the realm of business and entrepreneurship. As a manifestation coach with an ever-growing community of followers, she has touched the lives of countless individuals and inspiring them to rise above their limitations.

I am a manifestation mindset coach, and I am the founder of a personal development lifestyle brand called Aligned AF. I started the brand because I felt people needed a place to be themselves and have the opportunity to further see themselves, their magic, and their genius.

A lot of times the world comes and kind of knocks you off your feet. It tells you who you are and what you can’t do. I’m here to help people get past the blockages and the traumas to get to what they are here for, their purpose.

My purpose is helping people.

When I’m done leading a meditation, having a coaching session, or facilitating a workshop, I’m always on a high. It gives me energy to see the positive impact I have on others.

It truly brings me joy seeing people live in their magic and being happy. People have been trained to believe that they have to live life in misery or have a struggle lifestyle a lot of times. That cannot be further from the truth. Our natural state is to be full of joy. I feel this way through my work and my family, especially my son and his bright energy.

I have started a Living Your Magic membership. It is a transformative manifestation, a membership that gives women clarity and accountability. Through this program, I wanted to be able to reach more women that typically do not work with me because of my price range, so it’s a low ticket program. My first goal for the program is 500 members.

I am really excited about this program because of its content. There are weekly live meditations. I utilize a process called timeline jumping. It helps people gain clarity and choose the life that they want to live. The technique includes breath work, visualization, awareness and presence that helps people choose their chosen self or favorite self as I like to say. All of those things are little pieces of everything that helped me to get where I am. Each step that I go through and each expansion helps me to go back to the toolbox of techniques and resources that I give in my other membership experiences. I’m so excited to share this program with a larger audience because I have seen what it already has done for so many people.

The reason I’m at The Lola is because of the people that have invited me here.

The first time I was in the space was for an event with The Luminary. When I came I thought the space was cute, but I didn’t feel the urge to get a membership. In fact, I planned on getting an online membership to The Luminary because they’re based out of New York.

But I talked to some members of The Lola and exchanged contact information. We would speak online and I would often get invited back to The Lola to meet up for coffee.

I would come and every time I did I would meet somebody more amazing. I realized this place was for people like me when what felt like once a week I would try to come have lunch here with this amazing member I really liked. Once again, every time I came here I met somebody amazing.

I also felt really productive in the space. Every time I came I was able to get a bunch of work done. It wasn’t so much the collaboration with other women, but I realized I could see the community and I could see the togetherness of what The Lola provided for everyone, even me when I was here just once a week.

A big misconception in networking is that businesses do business with businesses. In reality, people do business with people.

A lot of time people can operate like a solo state with the mentality of I’m over here, and you’re over there. We have gotten away from the fact that everything is connected; none of us are really on our own. It would be a mistake not to network.  Once someone starts networking and is able to build those relationships, they’re able to build their network as far as money, resources, and expansion. Networking allows people to align themselves with others in different sectors that can help them grow personally or in their business in ways they can’t imagine because everything is connected.

I used to have a nonprofit called Alliance of Dreams. It was transitional housing for the homeless. I would set up homes and literally go on the street with my partner to find people that need help, and then give them housing. There were counselors in the houses and partnerships set up to give jobs to our tenets. When I initially started I thought, “oh, I’m just gonna help people.” But this work allowed me to see the bigger issues that are in our society in relation to unhoused people and people that need help. Some of their problems stem back to things in their childhood that you wouldn’t even think about. A lot of times it does not even have to do with just money like most would assume. Learning those things put me in a different mindset. I gave that business up partially because it did not align with me fully. I also needed more from the partnerships I had in that business.

Founding Aligned AF and starting the “I’m the Magic” initiative really aligned with where I was in life. The goal of that campaign is to get people to see their magic and their genius.

I always give this example: When you see a bird, you don’t tell it that it needs to learn how to swim. When you see a fish, you don’t tell it that it needs to learn how to fly or question why it isn’t flying. I think the same principle applies to me starting the “I’m the Magic” campaign. I wanted people to be able to really see who they are for themselves, and I think that that was really important. I was able to accomplish that through workshops and my apparel line “my eye and the magic.” Both were a reminder for people. I love seeing people’s brains start to process my message when I talk about who they are and what makes them special.

I started in corporate America; I was a banker. In this role I had to code switch to make other people feel more comfortable. That goes against what I stand for in my life now. You don’t have to change for anybody. You can succeed in the things you want to do without changing yourself.

I am a person that who you see is who I am. I want other people to realize that they can do the same. Especially Black women who are told they are wrong from twerking to slang, that isn’t even slang. Then you see large corporations use those things in their ad campaigns that we’re shamed for. We don’t have to change.

It’s important for people, myself included, to be their authentic selves. In the past that was a challenge for me, but now I have moved past that and I don’t need to put on a façade for anybody. My blackness is who I am completely.


Why Legacy Leadership Now?

I did not know anything about Legacy Leadership until I met Sagdrina for the very first time. One day I was sitting in The Lola in one of my “I am the Magic” shirts and Joy, another member came up to me and said, “oh, I love this shirt!” She began to ask me about it and I told her about my brand. Next, she went upstairs and talked to Sagdrina about me and my brand. Then Sagdrina came down stairs and invited me to her house the next day. I actually had something planned the next day at the same time, but something felt like you need to be there, the whole energy of it. So I went over to her house and the energy of the other Executives in the cohort let me know that I was in the right place, and I felt like I was at home. I was taking in everyone’s talents and expertise and was able to share my gifts as well.

That’s why Legacy Leadership is so important to me. It’s the fact that I feel at home, I feel comfortable with these women. I feel like I’m being fed, like I’m being nourished around amazing people that are living in their gifts as well as people that I look up to.

I’m also able to share my own gifts, my leadership, be myself and in my magic as well and give the things that are needed for this cohort.

Which Legacy Leadership session has been the most impactful to you?

The session led by Paige Raine, focusing on rest, has had the most significant impact on me. I thought I had a hard time resting but I realized that rest can be in so many different forms. And to realize that I don’t have to be laying down sleeping to rest. Because of my nature and the design of me, I’m not the person that needs to be sleeping my life away to rest.

Some people need to be napping. Napping doesn’t do anything for me but make me more tired. Realizing that rest does not have to be napping/physical rest like the world has told me was really impactful. I now know that rest for me can be spiritual, emotional, and creative.

The plot twist is there is no destination, only a journey and you must learn to love the journey.

“Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.” – Tony Robbins

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2 thoughts on “Meet Legacy Leadership Executive: Naeemah Jade”

  1. I absolutely love and relate to the part mentioning being yourself at work. Companies are getting hip that authenticity is what sells. People buy from people, and we are the people. Loved this read!

  2. Martine Resnick

    Agree Crystal! People, especially women, black women and non-black women of color have for the longest time been unable to show up fully as themselves. The companies that foster authenticity as part of their culture will be the ones who will win!

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