Keyatta expresses her joy for the season and life in general.

This month Keyatta expresses her joy for the season and life in general.

Keyatta Mincey Parker finds joy in even the littlest things in life. Whether that is a lemongrass iced tea from the Daily Dose, or watching her son walk to the bus stop morning. She makes it a point to be impactful in all of her professional roles, and you can tell her influence spreads wide. Outside of her professional life, she finds her little pockets of joy through quality time with her family and children.


Keyatta Mincey Parker

Location: Atlanta, GA

Age: 43 years

What I do: Owner and Operator of A Sip of Paradise Garden


Briefly describe who you are, what you do for work and for fun

My name is Keyatta Mincey Parker, I am a Liberian American Spirits professional and Influncer, I am also the owner and operator of A Sip of Paradise Garden, a non profit bartenders’ community garden. I love what I do in my professional life, but it can be stressful. To combat the stress, I watch a lot of ID channel and old lady shows like Matlock, Murder she wrote and the Facts of Life, lol.

What has brought you the most joy over the past 12 months?

I was really grateful to have watched my daughter graduate from high school, I am grateful I get to walk my son the his bus stop every morning, I am grateful I was able to be by my husbands side as he grew so much as and artist, and finally I got to spend more time with my mom and siblings.

How do you incorporate joy into your weekly routine and how does it improve your personal well being?

It’s really little things.  They always seem to be surrounded by food and drinks. I treat myself to Lemongrass iced tea from Daily Dose in Cabbage Town, I enjoy cooking, with the life I have created for myself now, I get to cook at least 5 nights a week.

Post pandemic many people are changing how they approach life and work. Are you or are you planning to bring more joy into your daily work and/or organization? If so, how?

My focus now is to be impactful in my bar and hospitality community, the garden has given me that chance.

Taking away all of the normal parameters we put around things (the hours we work, expectations of others, current clients needs, family needs) what would your “ideal” week look like, include all of your key priorities, such as; health, wellbeing, family, friends, love, hobbies, personal interests, play, joy as well as work?

In a perfect world, I would work 3 days a week, yoga 2 days and weekends off. I feel like there is no perfect schedule for those things, but with my perfect work life, it will all fold together.

What rituals or traditions do you practice with your family, friends, organization or community that help bring you all together at different points in the year?

I make it a point to spend time with my family, watch movies together, pop popcorn, bake cookies and make dinner together. For ASOP we make it a point to invite the community to all of our events, everyone is welcomed.

My next chapter I hope to have my businesses running on their own and I can get a constant source of income. I hope all the kids are out of the house and my husband and I can start planning our move to the south of France.

What do you most need help with to get you there and what has been holding you back?

I need encouragement, I need someone to help me map out my plans for the businesses, my lack of knowledge about business and nonprofits, get consistent funding and execution.

How has The Lola community and the Members helped you find success?

Is there anything else you’d like to share that may give us a better understanding of your personal story?

I have been stronger because of the last 2 years, I don’t think I would have had any growth without it.

Give/Get: What can you offer to The Lola community right now? Is there anything else you need support with?

All I can offer is myself, in whatever form they will accept me. I always need support, but don’t we all, it’s refreshing to be around those who definitely want to see you win.


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