How To Combat COVID-19 with a Virtual Assistant

By Raquel Wilson

The magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic is setting in and, while we have many more hurdles to overcome before this crisis is over, business owners are pivoting their 2020 plans to accommodate the unwelcome setback. We’ve been thrust into a new (and extremely complicated) reality – but we can and will get through this!

If you plan for your business to continue running after COVID-19, you need to find resources and tools to help combat the effects of this pandemic over the next few months. A virtual assistant (VA) is a must-have for many businesses and adding one to your team right now can help in three key ways.

#1 To keep up with bare minimum admin and operations tasks

We are in the midst of a global crisis. Most of us have lost basic resources such as physical office space and school/daycare. Some of us will have family members fall ill or partners who get laid off. This is an extremely stressful situation and, even though quarantined life has given us the “gift of time” many are struggling to find time for business admin and operations tasks.

Sure, you probably know how (or could learn how) to do these tasks yourself, but being head down on admin/ops isn’t the best use of your time. Instead, when you’re in work mode focus on client relations, when you’re in home mode focus on your family and if there’s any time left over, focus on self-care.

Hiring a virtual assistant is a small, but significant step toward preserving your business through COVID-19. A savvy VA can quickly and seamlessly onboard to your team and start handling all of those time-consuming, but critical, admin and ops tasks so that you don’t have to.

#2 To plug the holes left after reducing your staff

COVID-19 is leaving paths of destruction in its wake, a major one being layoffs. This is particularly devastating in the small business community. A virtual assistant isn’t a replacement to the staff you’ve lost, but they can play a vital role in keeping your business afloat while you navigate this pandemic. Using a VA to “plug the holes” from the admin and operations angle allows your business to stay afloat and gives you the space to rebuild your clientele, revenue and, ultimately, your team.

It’s key to remember that a virtual assistant is a 1099 contractor, so hiring one is a low risk, high reward opportunity for business owners who are working within a strict budget. Find a VA that offers monthly packages so that you can accurately gauge your bottom line – and then maximize the partnership by having a clear task list for your VA to execute.

#3 To help you take your service offering digital (or scale the one you already have)

Digital, and even live virtual offerings, have become increasingly popular over the past few years – but the sudden impact of COVID-19 is forcing many business owners to take their offerings online ASAP. If you’re lucky enough to have this option, going digital now could be what dictates your success later once the pandemic ends.

A tech and project management savvy VA can be a huge asset to launching in the digital space. They can set up and maintain most common online platforms, act as a community concierge, support your social media efforts and more.

Aside from the tactical support your VA can provide during a launch, you’ll soon realize that forming a collaborative partnership with a virtual assistant is invaluable – during a global crisis or not.

The next several weeks and months are going to be challenging. There is no way around that. Building up an arsenal of resources is one thing you have control over. So take a firm grip! Leverage and lean into the people and platforms that will help you and your business navigate COVID-19 (and beyond).

Raquel Wilson is the Founder and CEO of Peachtree Versatile Assistants. To learn more about Peachtree VA’s team and virtual assistant offerings, visit them on the web at


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