Diana Murphy Embracing Community and Growth at The Lola

I’ve always had my eye on The Lola. When I was introduced to the community at its beginning, I just couldn’t make it work to spend time as a Space Member due to a full schedule and where I lived at the time. In 2022, I moved to midtown and realized quickly that The Lola might be a good move for me.

What brought Diana to The Lola?

I love my personal story of confirmation that I was to be here and Now.


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I had a rough break up with someone right before Valentine’s Day and was invited by a neighbor to a sweet Galentine dinner. I was with new friends and realized quickly we all were working solo type jobs in Atlanta. There was such a supportive vibe at the table not only for my tender broken heart but also around being a business owner. When I mentioned I was looking into The Lola, 2 of the women at the table were already members. What? I joined quickly after that dinner.

And what a good move it has been. I made a major life transition in the past 2 years (newly single at 64!), and although I had ample space to do my zoom meetings, coach calls and writing in my new high rise apartment, I needed my people. I was craving a community with other brave owners that also had a clear intention of inclusion and support of others.

Diana’s Experience at The Lola so far…


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Diana with The Lola co-founder, Eileen Lee

The Lola has been everything I had hoped for.

When I invest time working in the space it gives me energy and I always leave with a warm conversation with a friend or meet someone new. and an energy that supports moving forward in my business. I have made a commitment on my calendar to not take appts on Tuesday afternoons so I can be sure to spend time there.

I have loved the Founders and Freelancers meetings run by Kafi London and Rashel Stephenson. So beneficial to me personally and professionally. I walk away with new insight and/or motivation and have met so many great people. I have already hired Mushaboom Studios who I met at one of our summer cocktail hours and we had a blast working together.

I have taken part in many of the member’s workshop offerings, thank you for my new practice of art journaling Dayle, of No. 4 Studio Design! AND some gorgeous experiences with yoga and mindfulness with Jess Pfeffer, Holistic Event Planning. I can’t wait to do more with these women and others in serving my clients.

The Lola keeps Diana on track…

Co working together
Diana with The Lola’s Director of Member Experience, Dayle Bennett

There is something special here at The Lola. Someone mentioned this in our gratitude reflection at a recent Founders & Freelancers Meeting. They had shared that they were grateful that so many of the members do their ‘work’ in being emotionally regulated, emotionally mature so that the community is supportive and safe. I concur with this so deeply. There is such a genuine and authentic sharing of support, thank you everyone. I’m able to be my full, awkward, powerful vulnerable self.

I’m on a journey in my business of making sure I’m running an equitable business as a coach. I have sought the resources of The Institute of Equity-Centered Coaching this past year as well. And who do I see in my online meetings there with the community, fellow member Laura Simms. My worlds collide on a regular basis with Lola members when I network in Atlanta and now afar! This synchronicity keeps informing me that I’m on the right track and among those that can help me with my big vision for my business.

I am sharing this article to thank those that have done the work of building this community. I am so thankful for each and every member that shows up for their own business and dreams and then shares their experiences at the Lola. I’m grateful to not be growing and doing this business I call a Life Coaching Practice alone.


Diana’s Message to Current Members…

Diana Murphy Standing up
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I hope this encourages you as a member to spend some time in the space if you can and if not on some of our group calls. I know it has helped me to stop feeling like I’m running a solo business. And please reach out if you need encouragement, that is my jam and I love offering a lift to others.


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