Celebrating Corbin on her achievement in receiving her degree and her drive to help Black and Brown girls do the same.

Celebrating Corbin on her achievement in receiving her degree and her drive to help Black and Brown girls do the same.

The Lola member, Corbin Robinson is bubbly, bright and fills the room up with laughter. She recently received her doctorate and we would like to take a moment to celebrate her success! When she isn’t helping other BIPOC women pursue their higher education you can find her lifting heavy at Crossfit!


Corbin Robinson

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Age: 34 years

What I do: Grants Research Analyst


Briefly describe who you are, what you do for work and for fun

I am a grants research analyst at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research. I submit research grants on behalf of the scientists at the institutes to fund their medical research projects. Crossfit is my life. I thoroughly enjoy lifting heavy stuff. After four years, I am able to deadlift over 300lbs and back squat 285lbs. It’s exhilarating to know I am this strong and only getting stronger.

What has brought you the most joy over the past 12 months?

Getting second place in my Olympic weight division (76kg). It was my first Olympic weight lifting ever! I committed to training for 16 weeks, which was a first.

How do you incorporate joy into your weekly routine and how does it improve your personal well being?

Prayer and meditation has greatly improved my daily life. I feel so much better knowing I talked to God prior to getting my day started. I feel much more spiritually safe.

Post pandemic many people are changing how they approach life and work. Are you or are you planning to bring more joy into your daily work and/or organization? If so, how?

Taking away all of the normal parameters we put around things (the hours we work, expectations of others, current clients needs, family needs) what would your “ideal” week look like, include all of your key priorities, such as; health, wellbeing, family, friends, love, hobbies, personal interests, play, joy as well as work?

My ideal work week would include a massage every week and a wine tasting every Saturday.

What rituals or traditions do you practice with your family, friends, organization or community that help bring you all together at different points in the year?

Every year, my family has a New Years’ Brunch at the Pfister, which is a historical hotel in downtown Milwaukee. We are normally the first ones there and the last to leave, as we spend hours breaking bread and drinking libation to celebrate another year together.

Where are you right now in your life and career, what is your hope for your next chapter?

What do you most need help with to get you there and what has been holding you back?

I have struggled with nutrition all my life. Even though I am consistent with working out, I eat! Lol, So I am just trying to figure out what food routine works for me to sustain.

How has The Lola community and the Members helped you find success?

Is there anything else you’d like to share that may give us a better understanding of your personal story?

I come from a city where statistically I was not supposed to make it this far. Therefore, it is my life goal to be a vessel for Black and Brown girls who also want to pursue their doctorate


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