Capacity Strong: How To End Your Year Aligned, Ahead and At Ease

“Capacity is the ability to hold, handle and receive visibility, revenue and growth without creating burnout.” – Lisa Fabrega

Without the capacity to hold, handle and receive the next level of your vision, you simply won’t sustain the level of success and impact you’re here to create.

It’s important to work on increasing your personal capacity to make sure you can both handle and rock it. So you’re not only successful in the short term, but for the long haul too.

Getting the thing you most desire (that amazing press coverage or ideal client) and not being able to handle it means burning yourself out or being fired by said client.

Do you have the capacity? The team, systems, personal capacity to handle big opportunities?

Being able to handle anything that comes your way allows you to scale year after year and finish every year strong.

“Today’s world requires leaders to exhibit as much equilibrium as possible in through their unique Capacity Codes.” – Lisa Fabrega

The six capacity codes;
  1. Embodiment
  2. Boundaries
  3. Purpose
  4. Structural
  5. Money
  6. Visability

Our capacity codes are interwoven like a fabric and interconnected. When you work on visibility you also can positively impact money and embodiment. When you work on structural you can also influence boundaries. It’s a domino effect.

You can get a lot of things done with just one action. Don’t work on the little siloed tasks that take up so much time, what actions are going to get you to your goals?

Embodiment Capacity:

Is your ability to emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually handle your next level. Show up for the next level and not be thrown off by challenges

Superset goals. Focus on the profit generating activities rather than busy work. What is getting you results, not what you’re being told you “should” be doing.

Fewer networking meetings with fewer players that could open big doors for you.

Look for one highly potent networking meeting a month rather than lots of networking meetings.

How are capacity blind spots showing up for you? Think about why you might not be taking an action, what could be behind that?


Structural Capacity:

Structure and systems to support you and your business to be at its best.

The support you have in your life isn’t giving you what you need. Hiring someone to do something then doing it yourself.

Not giving people in their life full ownership of the things you want them to do

Depleting yourself in hopes that it will bring you what you want

Systems that are too complicated or layered so it’s too cumbersome your team can’t keep up

Waste a lot of time, energy, and resources. The opportunity of your dreams will come, and you’ll fumble it as you’re not ready.


Visibility Capacity:

Let all of you be seen professionally and personally

Shows up as hiding integral parts of you that make you unique and catapult you to the next level

If you’re not showing up, you won’t get the clients you need. If you don’t show up as a leader you won’t be able to put together the team you need.

Focusing on the small stuff instead of making space to put yourself out there. We are often afraid about what visibility might bring and sabotage it.

Resistance is wisdom. You might subconsciously know that the thing might come and you’re not ready to handle it.

Today’s world demands and expects so much more capacity from us than ever before.

Busy work that distracts you from the 2-3 things that really help move the needle.

You will move the needle forward so much faster than focusing on these siloed tasks.

Make sure you build your capacity so you can handle it all and finish the year strong

About Lisa Fabrega

Lisa Fabrega is a leadership coach, helping CEOs and leaders expand their capacity to handle more growth, wealth and success (without burnout or overwhelm).

For over a decade she’s helped not only entrepreneurs and corporate executives, but Academy Award nominees and even Nobel Prize organization candidates break through their boundaries that have been holding them back from reaching their next level. Her signature approach has enabled clients to reach their highest levels of success and impact.

Lisa has also addressed thousands of people on stage as a keynote speaker and has been a popular guest on top podcasts, including The Unmistakable Creative, Her Rules Radio and Tell Me A Story with Debra Silverman. She’s even been featured on Oprah Daily, Oprah Magazine, CNN, Yahoo! News and The Huffington Post. She splits her time between Florida and California with her two rescue dogs, Luna and Sadie.

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