Angelica Ray nourishes her mind, body, and spirit first, so that she can support those who want want the same.

Angelica Ray nourishes her mind, body, and spirit first, so that she can support those who want want the same.

Angelica Ray is a naturally gifted intuitive and energy healer, as well as a certified professional coach. In her years as a healer and coach, she’s assisted multitudes of people connect, align, and create a purposeful life. With all the healing and coaching she does, it is no wonder it starts with Angelica nourishing her own body, mind, and spirit. Outside of her professional work, you can find Angelica with her goldendoodle, Rune.

Angelica Ray

Location: Atlanta, GA

Age: 33 years

What I do:  Intuitive, energy healer, Breathwork facilitator, and certified professional coach at Angelica Ray

Briefly describe who you are, what brings you the most joy in life? How do you unwind and have fun?

I’m Angelica- an intuitive guide, a dog mom to my goldendoodle Rune, and a lifelong learner and student. I find joy in living a purposeful, intentional, and aligned life. I’m a total homebody (thanks to my Virgo sun and Cancer moon) and love curating a beautiful home and living space. I usually unwind with a good sweat- weightlifting, Peloton, and pilates are my current favorites.

What is the key problem your business or company solves, who does it solve it for and how does it solve it?

I offer spiritual resources and practical intuitive guidance for dimensional, soul-conscious (or curious!) people wanting more depth, fulfillment, and connection with themselves and others.

Where are you right now in your life and career, what is your hope for your next chapter?

Right now I’m learning to work at a pace and with a balance that suits me, my energy, and the ways I prefer to work and live. I’ve spent the last few years building a solid foundation for my personal life and business, and I’m now ready to expand in both areas.

What wellness practices are a part of your daily/weekly life that help to keep you feeling balanced and grounded?

Paying attention to what I put into my body is an incredibly important part of not only my personal life, but also my professional life. As an intuitive guide and channel, I have to remain balanced and grounded to show up for my work and my clients. This means daily movement, nourishing foods, plentiful hydration, and being mindful of what “informational content” I’m consuming. I also believe wholeheartedly in investing in other healers, intuitives, and coaches who can support me the way I do others. Spending time with my dog also helps me feel my best.

What are your thoughts about the concept “body before business”?

I believe that when our bodies (energetic, spiritual, physical) are out of alignment our life will feel out of alignment- this includes our business and professional lives.

The 80 20 concept (20% of your efforts drive 80% of your results, also known as The Pareto Principle) can be hugely helpful in life and time management.  What three to five actions would you say drive the most value in moving your business and goals forward?

  1. Providing excellent service, an impactful experience, and being a true expert at my craft. If I take care of the people who are already here, more will inevitably come.
  2. Awareness of the energy behind each and every action you’re taking is incredibly important.

What tools, resources or When you feel stuck, how or where do you typically find the help and support you need?

I find support first and foremost in my spiritual resources and connection.

I have cultivated a community of healers, practitioners, intuitives through the Soul Collective & Soul Academy community (@mysoulcollective on IG). My mom, best friends, and partner are also beautiful sources of support and help when I’m particularly challenged.

Give/Get: What value do you bring to The Lola community and are there any special offers you’d like to make Members aware of right now? Is there anything else you need support with?

While I don’t need any specific support right now, I’d love to be more active in finding ways to partner more closely with the Lola in the coming months and throughout the year.

Member testimonial. In around 50 words or less could you share the biggest value The Lola has added to your life and career since joining? How has The Lola community and it’s Members helped you find success?

It is amazing to have so many talented people in one collaborative, positive network.

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